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Cathy Doll Hyaluron Vitamin E Milk Protein Body Lotion 150ml Shining Floral

7,700 Ks

Product Info

Find yourself this body lotion from Cathy Doll that features a new formula to give you plump, radiant and luminous results with Hyaluronic acid benefits while locking in moisture for supple appearance with vitamin E. It is also enriched with skin nurturing Milk Protein to improve skin’s elasticity while strengthening the skin for more hydrated look than ever before. Additionally, this fast-absorbing and non-greasy body lotion comes with pleasant scent to put your mind at ease each time you use it.

How To Use

Squeeze a good amount of lotion onto palms and apply it across the body. For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to use regularly in the morning and evening.

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